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Jun 2, 2021

Calgary, AB—Precise Downhole Solutions is pleased to announce Trystan Wall to its team providing technical consulting services. Wall, who holds an in-depth knowledge of SAGD production engineering and experience in the industry, brings new and current Precise customers a convenient Calgary-area touchpoint.

“We are thrilled to have Trystan, a highly experienced industry veteran, join our growing team at Precise,” said Director of Engineering/R&D, Mike Melnychuk. “As Precise continues to grow and set our sights on penetrating more operators throughout North America, having team members like Trystan, who have deep rooted relationships in the industry, will be instrumental in helping us achieve these goals.”

Wall, having worked in the field for operators for nearly 2 decades, took on the position as Senior Technical Advisor - Consultant in early 2021 working on a part-time basis. Wall is excited to be a Calgary resource and assist operators and their completion supervisors see the value of Precise products and services and how they can optimize production.

“I work with Precise customers in Calgary,” said Wall. “Being here, I can connect to those who work closer to the wellhead end and speak more technically to the development and design stage involving production and reservoir engineers. I help share information about what value Precise products have and how they can be incorporated into customers’ projects.”

Throughout his career, Wall has worked as a senior manager and SAGD production engineer for close to 20 years, having been involved with the design and start-up of over 125 well pairs and multiple technology trials across five projects. He has patented, authored papers, and held roles that create value growing new technologies through a valuable blend of expertise in production engineering and interfaces with facilities, reservoir, and completions operations.

What attracted Wall to begin helping Precise out during his off time was the synergy of the Precise team.

“The evolution they’ve gone through since day one and their ability to maintain local support while totally revamping their technical side throughout the last decade—people don’t always have that awareness,” said Wall. “Ever since fiber optic was introduced for use in SAGD, vendors have tried to improve reliability through improved fiber materials, coatings and dual laser acquisition. These were all band-aids in comparison to finding the root-cause issue of fiber degradation related to the deployment method. They’ve made big developments in quality of technology and price point.”

Wall emphasizes that the penalties for inaccurate data are just too great.

“With loss of well integrity on one side or reduced production on the other, both of which are far more than the cost of the fiber itself,” he said.

In fact, just three years ago the industry landscape was filled with large multinational vendors alongside a few local ones. Through the past few tumultuous years in the oil and gas industry, Precise was able to continue building momentum. Now, he’s helping customers see that a major brand name doesn’t necessarily come with the support operators need to succeed.

“Precise maintained continuity on their team and continued to evolve their product line,” said Wall of the downturn. “The team worked on improving both cost and reliability, taking control of their supply chain. I am here to help re-emphasize their unique offerings and encourage operators to regularly review the health (optical budget) of their fiber.”

Precise solves many challenges for customers. For Wall, the fact that the lifelong value of a well is impacted by the ability to retrieve high-quality data is key, as it allows operators to make intelligent decisions on well optimization.

“It’s often the case that customers think everything is apples to apples and go for lowest cost. But if you want a well to last 20 years with instrumentation, it’s important to understand the associated lifelong costs,” said Wall, who believes Precise’s PureLight Fiber Optic Division is bringing value to the industry because of the product line’s quality and resulting longevity.

As for the future of the industry in Alberta, Wall hopes that on the thermal side, fiber suppliers will choose to invest in the longevity of their products and insist that downstream vendors use a liquid-free deployment method. Operators who do choose Precise’s patented processes can extend the life of their projects while reducing instrumentation costs. As well, Wall is excited to talk about the potential of the Precise product lines as they can be used in a variety of applications, including waterflooding and gas lift in artificial wells.

Wall holds a BSc degree in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary. He is an active volunteer with both the Canadian Heavy Oil Association and Society of Petroleum Engineers, and previously sat as Chairman of the 2015 SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium. When Wall is not working, he’s playing sports or at the cottage spending time with his family.

To connect with Wall, email him at or learn more about Precise products by visiting

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Precise Downhole Solutions welcomes new Senior Technical Advisor – Consultant to the team