Precise Downhole Services targets sustainable growth. Our newest facility, situated on three acres of land south of Edmonton, Alberta, houses inventory, equipment, engineering facilities, manufacturing facilities, office and operations in one customized facility.  We are proud of our shop and invite you to contact us to arrange a tour that will provide visitors and customers with insight into our full capabilities.

The main focus of Precise Downhole Services is the creation of efficient manufacturing and application processes to benefit our customers. From the outset, we have continually monitored our cost of doing business and remain vigilant in reducing those costs to benefit our customers. Our newest facility allows us the benefit of attaining increased efficiencies and provides dedicated areas for research and development, manufacturing quality sensors within ISO 9001 standards, alongside in-house storage and inventory control of our specialized installation equipment.

Profile image of Nathan Frederick, President of Precise Downhole Services.

Nathan Frederick


Nathan Frederick, President of Precise Downhole Services, began his career more than twenty years ago beginning as a field technician in the drilling sector. He moved into the downhole instrumentation industry in 2005 quickly advancing to Senior Field Supervisor with Halliburton Well Dynamics where he had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in downhole instrumentation systems. In 2010, Nathan, with partners Mike Sollid and Mike Melnychuk, founded Precise Downhole Services Ltd. with a vision to expand current knowledge and application of downhole instrumentation services to the Alberta SAGD market. In short order, Precise Downhole Services established itself as the leading Thermal Well Monitoring company within Alberta.

“We have expanded our company via market share, product diversity, engineering support and industry-leading temperature and pressure sensors and are now well positioned to export these products and services to both the thermal and conventional recovery market nationally and internationally.”

Mike Sollid, C.E.T.

Director of Operations

After graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Petroleum Engineering Tech, Mike Sollid has passionately focused his career on downhole instrumentation.  Mike carries a keen interest and expertise on the design, manufacturing, and installation techniques required to cater to each customer’s specific and unique job scope.  Considerable ongoing attention has been placed on continual improvement across all facets of Precise by Mike and his team.  Armed with an amazing staff, industry leading practices and technology, Precise is looking forward to the future and expanding our business to new customers and markets.

“Being a leader not only in technology but also safety and quality would not be possible without the people at Precise.  I am happy to say that Precise has the best staff in the industry and we look forward to continually raising the standard in the downhole instrumentation sector across the globe.”

Michael Melnychuk, P.Eng.

Director of Engineering / Research and Development 

Michael is the Director of Engineering and Research and Development at Precise Downhole Services (PDHS). He specializes in advanced reservoir monitoring and instrumentation deployment techniques.Additionally, as the lead for PDHS’s Research & Development program,Michael focuses his team in the development of new products to serve the ever-growing thermal heavy oil industry.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta and has managed numerous thermal reservoir monitoring projects. Michael has extensive experience working with international operators, specifically in downhole instrumentation. The majority of Michael’s experience is associated with projects in North America and the Middle East.

“At Precise Downhole Services we are always pushing the boundaries in reservoir monitoring.  This never-ending improvement culture has allowed us to become an industry leader in new product development and functionality.”