The Precise Experience

Experience and safety go a long way

We are a group of innovators and problem solvers. Our experience in thermal heavy oil has been proven in our installation design and instrumentation systems. Our team of engineers and technicians customize each design to accommodate each unique project. By doing this, we are able to create a solution with improved functionality and reduced operating costs.

Precise Pump-In

An innovative approach to SAGD monitoring

There are many advantages with the Pump-In approach to monitoring. The largest advantage by far is reduced installation/pull costs while simplifying completion, which reduces all cost centers. By pumping the instrumentation into the tubing, instead of installing onto the outside tubular — cost, risk, and rig time are significantly reduced. With the ability to reuse the string into several wells, and its smaller footprint for storage, the pump-in process is an efficient and sustainable solution. Lastly, the ability to service the instrumentation without a service rig is yet another great way to reduce cost and maintain your investment over a longer period of time.

Field Service & Installations

Minimizing cost by maximizing efficiency

We have a reputation. Our values are based around delivering the very best to our customers and going beyond what is anticipated. We only employ the very best because at the end of the day, quality and experience matter.

Any obstacle that is encountered is handled with professionalism. We bring a positive attitude and an open mind to every job. In fact, we have gained unique exposure by being the first in the industry to tackle specific downhole solutions.

Our passion for efficiency and safety along with our experienced team, sets us apart. We care about your project and we know, like many of our customers, you will love working with us too!