PEP (Precise Engineered Polymer)

Save money with a new reusable thermocouple solution

After several years of testing, Precise Downhole Services (PDHS) is very excited to release our latest downhole thermocouple product.  The high density PEP thermocouple is the most rugged high temperature custom package on the thermal market. Our PEP product has the ability to operate up to 300°C continuously, while maintaining excellent accuracy and reliability.  It is a very robust custom product due to the flexibility of using various capillary tubing sizes/grades and wall thicknesses.  It is cost-effective and re-useable from well to well providing long-term economic benefit to the end user.  Further the PEP Insulation material is not hygroscopic (does not attract and absorb water molecules), so it can withstand the harsh environments of the wellbore.

Instrumented Coiled Tubing

We do it right the first time - quality you can count on

We are industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing instrumented coiled and capillary tubing. We work closely with our material suppliers to ensure proper handling of the coil and sensors from beginning to end. Our ability to manufacture gas lift subs, bubble tubes, temperature sensors, fibre highways and pressure sensors into the coil allows for quality control, detailed build reports, weld consistency and reduced cost. Our year-round build site enables us to manufacture strings using our own expertise and equipment, producing over 220 strings per year. We pride ourselves on the quality of our strings and our attention to detail.

Precise Downhole Services manufactures its 1000th Coil Tubing Instrumentation String.

In late 2015 Precise Downhole Services passed a major Milestone in manufacturing 1000 Instrumented Coils for the Oil and Gas Industry in just 5 years.  Most of the coils were custom manufactured for a permanent installation in a particular well and depths to match, while others were instrumented for short term installations (3-6 months per well) with particular depths to be used and re-used in many wells by one operator.  Precises’ ability to manufacture gas lift subs, bubble tubes, temperature sensors, fiber highways and pressure sensors into the coil allows for quality control, detailed build reports, weld consistency and reduced cost.  Each Coil has a story with purpose and reason and we manufacture each coil with pride knowing that its purpose is to capture the important information to allow our customers to make the best decisions possible to develop their asset to its highest potential.

At Precise we have two build sites for Coil Manufacturing to meet the demands of very large projects and high volume orders.  Manufacturing can build coils up to 4000m in length.  Each coil is built with special care and all the materials are gathered with a high degree of documentation and quality control before the integration even begins.  The coil comes complete with integrity readings from every step along the way so that when it is installed it is assured to be manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.  Call us and learn more about how we can help you with instrumenting your well completion.

Vibrating Wire Piezometers

We have installed over 200 permanent systems in observation, injection, producer, disposal and water wells in the last five years. These systems can be installed in coil, gravity fed, or clamped/banded to the casing and cemented in place place for multi-zone monitoring. The piezometer provides one pressure and one temperature point, but thermocouples / fibre highways often accompany these systems for an added temperature profile. Precise DHS high temperature piezometer is rated to 250°C and is most commonly used in high temperature environments such as those found in SAGD.

Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tube systems are rugged and can withstand harsh downhole conditions caused by extreme vibration and elevated temperatures. Many of our bubble tube systems are instrumented strings that encapsulate several thermocouple points set at pre-determined locations. These are common on mechanical lift systems where pressure at the pump is critical. In a turnkey format, Precise DHS will custom build the downhole portion (instrumented string), install the system, and commission the surface equipment according to our customer’s requirements.

Downhole Thermocouples

We ensure that our customers receive the highest quality thermocouples at a highly competitive price and on-time delivery. We possess the knowledge, expertise and equipment to install multipoint bundles inside coiled tubing, gravity deployments into observation wells, or clamp the instrumentation to the tubing or casing.

Surface Equipment

REDUCE extra Mobilization Costs for choosing Precise
to service ALL your new and existing Surface Equipment
from ANY Vendor, We do it all!

At Precise, our turnkey packages are complete with the installation and setup of the Data Acquisition Panel or Remote Terminal Unit. Remote Terminal Units typically consist of a stand, Data Logger or PLC, solar charge controller, solar panels, batteries for 24V system, cell modem, Raven Barrier and all other assorted cables for connecting to instrumentation. Each remote panel will be certified for use in a Class 1 Div 2 location, and can interface to the controller via the Raven IS Barrier. The remote panel is mounted on a customized standalone piece of equipment and is powered by a solar/battery package that is sized accordingly to account for worst case sunlight conditions for each particular region of the world. The package includes all cabling and cell/Satellite antennas.

Further, Precise can fully inspect, troubleshoot, and maintain all different vendor specific data Loggers and RTU panels.  The Precise team currently maintains and services all observation, production, and injection wells at several locations, (referrals available on request).

Precise currently has two (2) RTU specialists stationed full time doing maintenance and troubleshooting on all RTU panels.  Our proven track record with our customers demonstrates that we can meet and exceed all expectations for RTU installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Fiber Optic Pressure Gauge

Harsh environments with intense electrical interference
calls for the right sensor solution

Precise DHS is the exclusive distributor for the OPP-W sensor product line. The revolutionary fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor resulting from Opsens’ advanced and market leading expertise in both fiber optic and pressure sensor technologies. The OPP-W, which is based on an optical sensing element made of monocrystalline sapphire, offers superior performances, robustness, durability, and hydrogen and corrosion resistance compared to conventional sensors.

The blending of Opsens WLPI signal conditioning technology with its all-sapphire optical sensing technology delivers long term accuracy, durability, low drift and high fidelity pressure and temperature measurements in the harshest applications such as high temperature & hydrogen rich downhole oil and gas, EMI, RFI, high voltage, combustive and explosive environments.

The OPP-W is a Fabry-Perot interferometer based, fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor constructed from highly durable and corrosion resistant sapphire material. Designed especially for demanding hazardous environments, it is encased in robust inconel-718 housing for applications requiring a rugged sensor. The OPP-W delivers in-situ and continuous monitoring of both downhole pressure and temperature.

DTS Fiber

Distributed Temperature Sensing Fiber provides a full picture of what is happening downhole

Precise Downhole Services / Fiber Optics Division - “PureLight”: allows you to image the downhole completion, stimulation and production environment to optimize production and significantly reduce field development costs.

Precise Downhole technology combines DTS temperature (DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensing) with our exclusive PEP (PEP- Precise Engineered Polymer) to provide calibrated dynamic steam profiling, fracture optimization and completion diagnostic insights that no other technology and technique can offer today. Instead of making measurements at discrete, pre-determined points, DTS makes continuous measurements over the full length of the optical fiber or wellbore.  As a result; DTS is capable of detecting changes in temperature smaller than 0.01°C without prior knowledge of where that event might occur.  Distributed sensing is also real time, so you get continuous monitoring at all points along the cable at all times.

PureLight offers optical solutions and project engineering for your projects based out of Calgary and Nisku,AB. We are leading the instrumentation for ESEIEH Heatwave RF Heating project for Suncor and it’s partners.

Short clip on how RF Heating works

Precise Pump-In

An innovative approach to SAGD monitoring

There are many advantages with the Pump-In approach to monitoring. The largest advantage by far is reduced installation/pull costs while simplifying completion, which reduces all cost centers. By pumping the instrumentation into the tubing instead of installing onto the outside tubular — cost, risk, and rig time are significantly reduced. With the ability to reuse the string into several wells, and its smaller footprint for storage, the pump-in process is an efficient and sustainable solution. Lastly, the ability to service the instrumentation without a service rig is yet another great way to reduce cost and maintain your investment over a longer period of time.

Precise DHS can provide observation well RTU maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and upgrades. We are equipped to easily access remote observation wells in any environmental condition.

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