Fiber Optics – DTS/DAS/Strain

Precise’s PureLight Fiber Optic Division provides an innovative and advantageous approach to monitoring techniques. As opposed to traditional sensors which provide measurements at discrete positions, fiber optic systems deliver highly accurate distributed measurements across the entire sensing length. Each fiber optic system is packaged, customized and specifically tailored to each customer’s requirements. PureLight’s fiber suite delivers reliable, robust products deployable in a variety of configurations suitable for harsh environments. Our optic systems are extensively tested and proven to deliver high product quality and are used extensively in the wellbore, pipeline and mining projects.

All fiber measurement techniques work off the premise of light scattering within the fiber optic. As light propagates through the fiber optic core, a reaction occurs between light and molecules in the glass structure. The resulting backscattered light is directly proportional to the desired measurement parameter (Temperature, Strain, Acoustics). The backscattered light is captured by the application specific fiber optic receiver module where it is analyzed. The fiber optic itself provides the sensing and transmission medium with no additional downhole sensors or splices required. For additional information please contact Precise.

Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors

Harsh environments with intense electrical interference
calls for the right sensor solution

Precise DHS is the exclusive distributor for the OPP-W sensor product line. The revolutionary fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor resulting from Opsens’ advanced and market leading expertise in both fiber optic and pressure sensor technologies. The OPP-W, which is based on an optical sensing element made of monocrystalline sapphire, offers superior performances, robustness, durability, and hydrogen and corrosion resistance compared to conventional sensors.

The blending of Opsens WLPI signal conditioning technology with its all-sapphire optical sensing technology delivers long term accuracy, durability, low drift and high fidelity pressure and temperature measurements in the harshest applications such as high temperature & hydrogen rich downhole oil and gas, EMI, RFI, high voltage, combustive and explosive environments.

The OPP-W is a Fabry-Perot interferometer based, fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor constructed from highly durable and corrosion resistant sapphire material. Designed especially for demanding hazardous environments, it is encased in robust inconel-718 housing for applications requiring a rugged sensor. The OPP-W delivers in-situ and continuous monitoring of both downhole pressure and temperature.

PEP™ (Precise Engineered Polymer)

Precise Downhole Solutions (PDHS) is excited to offer our revolutionary PEP™ thermocouple product. The high-density PEP™ thermocouple is the most rugged high-temperature custom package on the thermal market. We have installed thousands of sensing points downhole with overwhelming success. What sets our PEP™ product apart is it has the ability to operate up to very high temperatures, while maintaining excellent accuracy and reliability. It is also a very robust customizable product that is cost-effective and re-usable from well to well providing long-term economic benefit to the end user.

MI Thermocouples

MI Thermocouples are mineral insulated, metal-sheathed probes that can be exposed to most downhole environments. The outer sheath is typically 316 stainless steel and coupled with tightly compacted magnesium oxide (MgO).  This allows the metal conductors to not only withstand the elements but also to isolated from each other. The MgO protects the thermocouple from oxidizing, reducing, and other corrosive atmospheres seen in daily operations.  We ensure that our customers receive the highest quality thermocouples at a highly competitive price and on-time delivery. This is possible by manufacturing all the thermocouples in our facility as per our ISO 9001:2015 quality control plan. Precise possesses the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to manufacture and install in a variety of different ways depending on our customers’ requirements.

RFT™ P/T Sensors

The Precise RFT (Resonant Frequency Transducer) is the most advanced electronic-free pressure sensor designed for thermal applications. The RFT sensor is offered in various temperature & pressure ranges up to 300°C and 150 MPa.  The RFT HT is perfect for SAGD with its 260°C continuous with ability for intermittent exposure up to 275°C. If a higher temperature rating is required the RFT XHT is available at 300°C continuous with intermittent exposure up to 315°C.  The sensors are also EMI and vibration resistant and are compatible with ESP, PCP, and Rod Pump installations.  The RFT sensor has been tested in the most demanding of environments and no matter what your application, we can provide a solution for you.

The Precise data collection system can perform ongoing sensor health checks to ensure the operator has consistent reliable data. The RFT sensor housing is corrosion resistant and we offer many different cable alloys, depending on the application.

The RFT sensor can be utilized in all types of wells, producer/injector wells, observation wells, disposal wells, and water wells.  Every RFT is calibrated and tested in-house to ensure the integrity of the sensor.

Sapphire Strain Gauge

Quartz Gauge

VW Piezometer

Precise Downhole Solutions can offer several additional pressure monitoring options, such as Vibrating Wire Piezometers, Sapphire Strain Gauges and Quartz Gauges.  These pressure sensors are extremely accurate and have a very high resolution up to 0.020% and 0.000005% full scale, respectively.  In addition we can provide pressure monitoring solutions in all types of harsh environments up to 30,000 psi with options for 10 samples/second logging.  No matter what your pressure monitoring application, Precise Downhole Services has a custom solution for you.

Bubble Tubes

Pressure and Temperature Monitoring in Extreme Conditions

Bubble Tube systems are rugged and can withstand harsh downhole conditions caused by extreme vibration and elevated temperatures. Many of our bubble tube systems are instrumented strings that encapsulate several thermocouple points set at pre-determined locations. These are common on mechanical lift systems where the pressure at the pump is critical. In a turnkey format, Precise DHS will custom build the downhole portion (instrumented string), install the system, and commission the surface equipment according to our customer’s requirements.

Instrumented Coiled Tubing

We do it right the first time - quality you can count on

Having manufactured over 2,000 strings we are industry leaders when it comes to instrumented coiled and capillary tubing. Following ISO 9001:2015 requirements we work closely with our material suppliers to ensure proper handling of the coil and sensors from beginning to end. Our ability to manufacture gas lift subs, bubble tubes, temperature sensors, fiber highways and pressure sensors into the coil allows for quality control, detailed build reports, weld consistency and reduced cost. Our year-round manufacturing site enables us to manufacture strings using our own expertise and equipment, producing hundreds of strings per year. We pride ourselves on the quality of our strings and our attention to detail.

Surface Equipment

REDUCE extra Mobilization Costs for choosing Precise
to service ALL your new and existing Surface Equipment
from ANY Vendor, We do it all!

At Precise, our turnkey packages are complete with the installation and setup of the Data Acquisition Panel or Remote Terminal Unit as well as communication configuration to the local radio network or cellular communication anywhere in the world. Precise has the ability to store your data securely and allow for a platform for the operator to view in real time.

The Remote Terminal Units (RTU) typically consist of standalone Datalogger or PLC with solar charging capability. This RTU is certified for Class 1 Division 2 service with the option for Class 1 Division 1 if required.

By choosing Precise we can further help our customers, by fully inspecting, troubleshooting, and maintaining all different vendor-specific data Loggers and RTU panels.  The Precise team currently maintains and services all observation, production, and injection wells at several locations, (referrals available on request).  

Precise currently has two full time crews specializing in doing maintenance and troubleshooting on all RTU panels.  Our proven track record with our customers demonstrates that we can meet and exceed all expectations for RTU installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

TEC Cable

Precise manufactures TEC Cable for a variety of applications including downhole, surface, and pipeline applications to name a few. Our experienced staff will help with the material selection, sizing while considering the installation technique to ensure the success of your project. Have a look at our spec sheet and let us know if you require something different as we do have the capability to tailor to unique and specific scopes.

Intelligent Valve System

An intelligent, automated downhole electric valve designed for Gas Lift and EOR. Additional details will be released soon.

PEP™ Thermistor

Precise Downhole Solutions is (PDHS) is excited to offer our innovative PEP™ armoured thermistor product. The PEP™ high-density thermistor is extremely accurate and highly sensitive to very small temperature changes.  All thermistor encapsulations are in annealed capillary tubing and any size or alloy is available for your custom needs. Thermistors can also be installed at any point spacing and/or length, while providing a cost-effective temperature monitoring solution.

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