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Aug 10, 2021

Nisku, AB—Precise Downhole Solutions is serving as a technical expert at this year’s 2021 SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium. Highlighting Precise’s reputation as an expert in thermal surveillance, the Alberta-based company is scheduled to teach a course on Fundamentals of Thermal Well/Reservoir Surveillance at the revered event. Taking place in Banff, Alberta, Nov. 29 through 30, the event promises to offer a community for the industry to take steps to improve the collective recovery, efficiency, and longevity of existing and planned thermal wells.

The one-day training course takes place on Nov. 28 and reviews the operational practice on design, field operation of the surveillance method implemented in thermal wells and different technique in monitoring and analyzing the data for real time decision making. It goes on to detail why the surveillance and tracking of heat placement is critical in thermal development for producing heavy oil. This course is for completion engineers, production engineer, reservoir engineer, geologists, and anyone else interested in learning more about thermal well surveillance and the latest advancement in the technology.

The course will be led by Dan Keough, Precise’s Fiber Optic PureLight™ Manager and Michael Melnychuk, the Director of Engineering / R&D. Keough specializes in distributed fiber optic measurement systems, including acoustic, temperature, strain, and quasi-distributed pressure. He is recognized by his academic and industry peers in Europe and the US in this highly specialized and evolving field. Melnychuk specializes in advanced reservoir monitoring and instrumentation deployment techniques. Additionally, as the lead for PDHS’s Research & Development program, he focuses his team in the development of new products to serve the ever-growing thermal heavy oil industry.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is an accredited international member organization representing more than 153,000 E&P professionals across 143 countries. This conference has a special status and reputation as one of the most respectable technical events in Canada’s oil and gas industry, as well as the number one platform for companies to share their best practices and case studies, and to explore new horizons.

About Precise Downhole Solutions

Precise is an industry leading manufacturer that provides complete turn-key solutions to all downhole instrumentation, specializing in pressure and temperature monitoring. From manufacturing, installation to final commissioning, we work to bring you profitable results with an experienced team of engineers and field operations dedicated to a high standard of customer service and safety. Headquartered in Nisku, Alberta, the company invests heavily in technology and R&D that focuses on instrumentation and development for their domestic client base and expansion of products and services into the United States and the Middle East.

 Precise leading sole training course at upcoming SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium