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Jul 22, 2021

To better align with our developing technologies and improved automation, Precise Downhole Solutions™ is proud to release our rebranded intelligent electric valve, Oura.

Oura (Optimization Using Real-time Automation) provides highly accurate, real-time pressure and temperature data in both the tubing and annulus at every valve location.

“This rebrand signifies the start of a new chapter for the company and aligns with the Precise’s growth strategy,” said Director of Engineering/R&D, Mike Melnychuk. “We are inspired everyday by our development team who is dedicated to ensuring our customers always remain at the focus as we prioritize technology-enabled solutions.”

Oura can be utilized for many applications, but it was designed for gas lift optimization and EOR injection.  With gas lift, the valve utilizes injection gas with zero pressure losses, eliminating multi-pointing as compared with legacy nitrogen-charged bellows-style valves, bringing immediate efficiency to your wellbore. The ability to dynamically change and know your orifice sizes in real-time gives you the control you need and eliminates costly workovers. This slim hole design fits almost all wellbores.

The Oura software has the capability of operating multiple valves and pressure/temperature sensors all from your PC or smart device. The data can be tied into your operating system, allowing the you to choose how to build out the viewing software or it can be standalone and dialed in directly to the user interface for operation.

The Oura electric valve is also suitable for EOR applications, including water/polymerflood and CO2 sequestration.

Watch how the technology works for artificial lift and enhanced oil recovery.

About Precise Downhole Solutions

Precise is an industry leading manufacturer that provides complete turn-key solutions to all downhole instrumentation, specializing in pressure and temperature monitoring. From manufacturing, installation to final commissioning, we work to bring you profitable results with an experienced team of engineers and field operations dedicated to a high standard of customer service and safety. Headquartered in Nisku, Alberta, Canada the company invests heavily in technology and R&D that focuses on instrumentation and development for their domestic client base and expansion of products and services into the United States and the Middle East.

Precise Downhole Solutions™’ intelligent electric valve rebranded as Oura™