Precise has led the way in the Oil and Gas industry in providing reliable and cost efficient strategies to monitor the reservoir and surrounding assets. From storage caverns and CO2 Sequestration to Oil and Gas thermal Recovery projects, Precise can offer an instrumentation strategy to fit your specific needs for Pressure and Temperature Monitoring.

The Precise “Edge” comes with bringing many efficiencies to your site. On top of the installation of the instrumentation on Casing, on tubing through packers for zonal isolation, or just gravity suspended into the well, Precise is also trained to complete the wellhead assembly and tie into all forms of SCADA. There is no need with Precise to mobilize other vendors to do all the small tasks, we do it all!

To date we have instrumented over 527 Observation wells to watch over the target reservoir and the surrounding areas for Regulatory and Project Compliance. We offer a wide variety of sensors to fit the demands of your particular application. Our approach is one of matching your requirements in the most cost efficient way to help make your project as successful as possible in every way